Personal Work

After years of working together with Villeroy & Boch, years of creations dedicated to the elaboration of several product lines worldwide, Maggy Champsaur decided to return to the source of an artist’s work and entice the observer with colors and forms. Creation of paintings in ceramic in the interrogation of the painting :

Carreaux_03              Carreaux_05


Marseille, seen and experienced from the port, is immutable yet also changing, unique yet also familiar.

Carreaux_21       Carreaux_04       carreaux_07

Chapsaur_02072013_017       carreaux_08       Scan0005

Other examples … periods of various sources of inspirations.

25456        carreaux_10        lecri

carreaux_01        carreaux_05        carreaux_06

carreaux_02        carreaux_12        carreaux_03


Ornaments and ceramic tableaux displayed in Nîmes, Arles et Istres, during special bull-fighting festivals illustrate and intensify this work our colors and forms with motions and emotions.

©Martin Raget

Tauromachie        Tauromachie0        Tauromachie3

Tauromachie4        Tauromachie5        Tauromachie2

Carreaux_02        Carreaux_06

Going back on a fertile period of discovering other civilizations : Arabian, andulasian. Translated unto tiles designed for decorating Mediterranean palaces, pools.                  Source of a rigorous and inventive work, where each line, and each stroke gives a sense to the piece, where beatiful meets utility.

Carreaux_03        Carreaux_12       Carreaux_08

Carreaux_09        Carreaux_07       Carreaux_10

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