Designer, ceramist, colorist, and visual artist

1971       LE PETIT CHANTIER Foundation

Workshop authorized by the French Ministry
Courses for adults, training for organizers and staff                                                                       Modules include : ceramics, modeling, glazing, engraving, drawing, photography, weaving, and textile decoration
TV shows for French television FR3 JEUNESSE

1980       Designer for Villeroy & Boch

Hand-designed concepts on blank industrial tiles and commercialized using innovating techniques developed at Villeroy & Boch.                                                                         Research, design, and production : tiles, bathroom, table decorations, and glasswork.

1984       SARL « C.M.C. » (Création Maggy Champsaur) was created

Research and design workshops                                                                                 Development of manufacturing workshops                                                                      International private and public services

1989       C.M.C. franchised boutiques in Paris and Marseille

Commercial development for bathroom design concepts                                             Consulting in design and prodution of tiles, bathroom, accessories, and linens

2000       Activities linked to the function of designer and ceramist

Creation of ceramic frames                                                                                                    Opening of a meeting place and workshop for visual artists to discuss the works of Di ROSA, TRAQUANDI, CAMPANA …

2013       Re-opening of Le Petit Chantier Foundation

Courses for adults and students of the visual arts                                                            Initiative to transmit expert know-how


1978      Beaux-Arts prize awarded by the Beaux-Arts Academy in Marseille, FRANCE

1984      1er prize for the Euro Designer Contest in Basel, Switzerland  / « Bleu » Collection

1984      IMPEX prize for the « Bleu et Connexion » collection in Paris

1985      IMPEX prize for the « Opéra et accessoires » collection in Paris



1985      Exhibition at the Sèvres Museum for « Fenêtres » in Paris, France

1985      Exhibition at Théâtre de la Criée in Marseille, France

1985      Exhibition at the Beaubourg Museum « EAUX ET CARREAUX » in Paris, France

1987      Exhibition in Tokyo,  JAPAN

2003      Exhibition at Maggy Champsaur’s workshop in Marseille, France

2006      Exhibition of ceramic frames on the theme of bullfighting at the Feria de Pentecôte in Nîmes, France

2007      Exhibition at the Espace Culturel in Marseille, France